Bank of Montreal

Hours of Operation:

Mon — Fri: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat, Sun: Closed


1206 56th Street

Located beside Petra’s, on 12th and 56th


Phone: (604) 948-3609

About Bank of Montreal

We’re here to help. This is a promise we make to BMO’s customers. In fact, it’s a promise we make to all our stakeholders.

Our business is fundamentally about helping people achieve their goals. Everything else flows from that.

Creating opportunities and leading by example. Sharing our energy and ideas with people who need our support. Considering the environmental impact of everything we do. Finding strength in our diversity. Learning from difference. And doing our work with integrity. Transparency. A disciplined approach to risk. All in the belief that doing the right thing is not just a matter of following the rules – it’s about earning and sustaining trust.

As we balance many responsibilities, large and small, we drive BMO’s future performance while furthering the success of all our stakeholders. Any way we can help.