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Pat Holmes (sitting, left) runs the business with her daughters Cleo and Jema (fourth and third from the right, respectively). Some businesses in Tsawwassen have been running for so long that... Read more
There are many reasons that people come to live and work on the sunny shores of Tsawwassen. It might be the allure of a slower pace of small town life, the beautiful outdoors with our sandy beaches, or the... Read more

By any measurement, a quarter century of work in one field is a career worthy of proud accomplishment. But for Marleen Flumerfelt, who opened Tsawwassen's beloved Toys and Tech 25 years ago, she's not... Read more
When Louise Dannhauer and her sisters opened Spa Time in Tsawwassen nearly two decades ago, the idea of going to a spa on a regular basis was really "unheard of." These days, the words "spa" and Sunny... Read more
Spa Bleü owner Nikki Yang (left) with employee Sarah Shears. For years, you used to be able to go to Sticky's Candy in Sunny Tsawwassen and treat yourself, leaving with a smile. Although... Read more

When it came time for Dalia Oreskovic to choose a career, it was a no-brainer. Her father had been a Chartered Accountant and she followed in his footsteps, spending three decades as a bookkeeper, 25 of... Read more

New Ambiente Gifts and Decor owner Joanie Cloutier (left) with Ambiente founder Jutta Rapp. Joanie's golden retriever Mason looks on. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Jutta Rapp is retiring after... Read more
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Time and tide waits for no one. But at Sampsons Antique Co on Beach Grove Road you can experience a bit of both, perusing the timeless antiques just steps from the tides of Boundary Bay. Robert and... Read more

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Many people wandering into Delta Geeks in Sunny Tsawwassen have computers that have stopped working and don't have the first idea how to fix them. Chances are, they'll be greeted by Neville Blair-Brown,... Read more
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Connor Nelson, winner of the 2017 Delta's Got Talent 13-15 age cateory.
It was nearly a year ago that the Tsawwassen Sun Festival put the call out to the community to find young residents... Read more
With plenty of parks, beaches and a surplus of sunshine, Tsawwassen is renowned for being an active community with fitness enthusiasts. And for the times when the rains do open up, there are a plethora of... Read more
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If there's a public gathering, event or celebration in Sunny Tsawwassen, you can almost be assured that Constable Leisa Schaefer will be there as the smiling face of the Delta Police. A District Liaison... Read more
"Just living is not enough," the celebrated Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen, once wrote. "One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower." You can find all three right here in Sunny... Read more

In the coming weeks and months many residents of Sunny Tsawwassen might see a face that's not just familiar to locals, but to Canadians from coast to coast.
Delta Law Office's newest... Read more
For as long as most people can remember there's been a Southside Flooring in Sunny Tsawwassen. Originally started by Hugo Dalke in the 1960s, he handed the business down to his son Bruce, who later sold it... Read more

For Sarah Dunsdon, purchasing Lyfe Design Studio in Sunny Tsawwassen in December was the culmination of a lifelong dream that began as an eight-year-old in the living room of her grandmother back in... Read more

Joseph Murphy with Chef Akira Fujiwara, founder of Bistro Peekaboo Sushi. The name of the restaurant is carved in Japanese into the sign behind them. When Joseph Murphy took a job as... Read more
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When Dr. Joan Hansen graduated as a doctor of Optometry in 1979, she wasn't allowed to prescribe medication to patients, bifocals had a dividing line through the lens, and an irritated eye could only be... Read more

If there could be a third addition to the certainties in life it could be “death, taxes and insurance”. Some may not realize it, but insurance is a necessary aspect of life and... Read more

Nurse Next Door Delta team clockwise from top left: Miranna Ouellette, Lindsay Eldridge, Judy Johnston, and Donelle Clarke If you've been living or working in Sunny Tsawwassen... Read more

It's not often you can pinpoint where the heart of a community is, but in Sunny Tsawwassen you'd have to say the Kin Village Community Centre comes pretty close. And if you've visited the community... Read more

Tsawwassen is renowned for getting an enviable amount of extra sunlight as compared to neighbouring cities in the Lower Mainland, but even Sunny Tsawwassen can't control the early darkness of... Read more

Photos: (Left) Paul Gibbons of The Medicine Shoppe in Tsawwassen receives his award for Rising Star Business of the Year from Marlyn Graziano of Kwantlen... Read more
When Mike Saysell left Vancouver Island to become store manager of 150 employees at Thrifty Foods in Tsawwassen in 2013, he found himself in a community which has high standards and expectations. "We... Read more

Grace D'Amato, third from left, is the owner of Synergy Hair and Beauty Salon in Tsawwassen If you want to know about any business in Sunny Tsawwassen, you can ask Grace D'Adamo... Read more
In a small town like Sunny Tsawwassen you'll find many good neighbours who smile as you walk by and offer a courteous greeting. People are just friendlier in smaller communities because they tend to know and... Read more

Linda Mallard (right), works with a client at the Tsawwassen Wellness Centre in Tsawwassen Springs Most people who live or work in... Read more
Nearly every day, Sven Nielsen rides his bike from his home in Ladner to his work at the Home Hardware in Tsawwassen where he works as a service counter clerk. The trip is about 10 kilometres and takes... Read more
For nearly as long as there's been a Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall there's been a Sunday car sale in the parking lot. It's as much a tradition in Tsawwassen as the service club who operate it, the... Read more
You may have noticed some beautiful new flowers and flower beds at Winskill Park in front of the Tsawwassen Lawn Bowling club. Or you might have seen the lush green grass and beautiful purple flowers in... Read more

The Tsawwassen Sun Festival wouldn't be complete without the annual Rotary parade that greets our main street. It's something that families, businesses and visitors look forward to each year. Brian Coe... Read more

Century Square is the first landmark drivers see when entering Tsawwassen, noted for their distinct green peaked roofs and uniform architectural style. Many people already know it's home... Read more
There are many great reasons to live or work in Sunny Tsawwassen and everybody has their own unique story to tell about how and why they ended up here. But what makes Tsawwassen such a unique community is the... Read more

Are you a Delta resident between the ages of 13 and 19 with a passion for singing, dancing, playing an instrument or otherwise being creative and artistic? Or do you know somebody who fits that... Read more

Maria Devries is the newest owner of The Chocolate Bear in the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall. Photos: Adrian MacNair
For as long as there's been the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall, there has been a... Read more

Paul Negrijn in his favourite element: grooming dogs. Photo: Adrian MacNair

Take a walk on the dike or head into one of our many parks and it's easy to see why Tsawwassen has... Read more

Jennifer O'Brien (left) with her sister Shannan O'Brien of Sublime Art Materials in Tsawwassen. Photo: Adrian MacNair
If necessity is the mother of invention,... Read more

Meridian Meats president Josh Penner. Photo contributed via Meridian. With 200 employees scattered across the Lower Mainland in their six stores and one head office, Meridian Meats... Read more

Darren Gates with his 11-year-old daughter Grace at the back entrance to Mario's Kitchen In the famous '80s TV sitcom "Cheers", the refrain tells you... Read more

The South Delta Garden Club purchased 1,000 Canada 150 tulips for a special project to celebrate the country's 150th anniversary. Photograph contributed by Angelika Hedley.Read more

Photo: Carroll Lefebvre standing on the stage of the play Twelve Angry Men at the Tsawwassen Arts Centre. Credit: Adrian MacNair
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When it comes to physical fitness, many people know they should be in better shape but they're unsure as to how to get started. Some might want to start exercising, but they're shy about going to a gym... Read more

Each year as St. Patrick's Day draws near shoppers in Tsawwassen can be sure at least one store is making the most of the annual Irish tradition. Lucky Surf and Skate, whose logo incorporates the... Read more
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Few things put people into the Christmas spirit as the neighbourhood coming alive with twinkling and cheery lights in LED reds, blues and greens. In Tsawwassen, you can pretty much set your watch to the... Read more
A lot has changed at the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall in the past 45 years but one person hasn't changed a bit. Well, Vic Mazzei of Figaro Hair Design may have aged slightly, but his good humour and... Read more