A Tsawwassen Tradition: The Sun Festival Rotary Parade

A Tsawwassen Tradition: The Sun Festival Rotary Parade

Aug 2, 2017

The Tsawwassen Sun Festival wouldn't be complete without the annual Rotary parade that greets our main street. It's something that families, businesses and visitors look forward to each year.

Brian Coe is the chair of the Rotary Parade Committee for the Rotary Club of Tsawwassen, which has seven committee members. We asked Brian some questions about this year's parade and other events put on by this service club in Tsawwassen. Have a read:

Q: How many floats do you typically get in the parade?

It's hard to say because we do not assign a number to every vehicle or float, we issue one number per group. This year we have 61 entries so far.

Q: Is the parade the biggest event for Rotary?

The Rotary Club enjoys bringing events to the community and the parade was one of the first events we did. But now we also do the Movie Nights, Easter Egg Hunt, Soap Box Derby, Terry Fox Run, and Christmas Lighting at Diefenbaker Park.

Q: What do you think The Rotary Parade brings to the community of Tsawwassen?

The Rotary Parade brings over 10,000 people to 56th Street Tsawwassen to watch the parade and it is great exposure for local business and with all the service clubs either in the parade or involved in the Sun Festival. The Rotary Parade is also covered by Delta Cable, which then reruns the broadcast for weeks in case you missed it.

Q: What sort of advice do you generally give people attending the parade for their first time?

The Rotary Parade starts at 11:00 am at the corner of 56th and 16th. Anywhere from 16th Ave to 9A (the entrance to Winskill Park are great viewing areas. The parade runs south on the West side of 56th , the best vantage point is anywhere along the parade route on the West side of 56th Street. Do not sit on the medians as the parade is set up for viewing from the west side of the street. People start to gather early so the best views come by arriving before the parade starts. If you're viewing from Winskill Park there is parking at South Delta Secondary School with a free shuttle bus running from there to Winskill Park.

Q. What sort of effort does it take to bring something like this together?

Like everyone on the committee we enjoy parades, so working on an event you enjoy is a lot of fun. On the day of the Rotary Parade we have a huge turn out from within our club, last year we had 154 volunteer hours from our Rotary members, Interact Club, family and friends on the day of the parade. The turnout from visitors makes it all worthwhile!

The Tsawwassen Sun Festival Rotary Parade takes place from 11 a.m. to noon on Monday, August 7. Click here to read more information.