Business Spotlight: Tsawwassen Insurance

Business Spotlight: Tsawwassen Insurance

Jan 23, 2018

If there could be a third addition to the certainties in life it could be “death, taxes and insurance”. Some may not realize it, but insurance is a necessary aspect of life and without it little would get done. Nearly everyone requires the protection that insurance provides.

But part of the perception problem with insurance, says Barbara Mills of Tsawwassen Insurance, a second generation insurance broker with over 25 years experience, is that it’s something some people do not believe is necessary.

"Insurance is not a religion; you don’t have to believe in it. It is simply a contract that provides protection in the event of a loss or a disaster."

According to Barbara, insurance is clouded in myth. She says people sometimes resist purchasing insurance because they feel they get nothing in return.

“One significant disaster such as house fire can destroy your life and cripple your finances. You can go from having breakfast in your kitchen to standing in your robe watching the fire department trying to save what’s left.” Barbara says Tsawwassen sees about three major losses every year.

But if your house is insured, you will get back everything you paid into insurance,” adds Barbara. “It is critical to have someone in your corner to guide you through the claim process and ensure you are treated fairly and reasonably. “

“As accredited insurance brokers our role is to advocate for every client in every situation all the way through the process,” she explains. “We as brokers, do not work for the insurance companies, we represent our clients”.

That is especially important in Sunny Tsawwassen where "everyone is a neighbour".

“We treat everyone like we are related,” says Barbara. “We have to, because if something goes wrong or their experience is poor we will know about it quickly because we all see each other everywhere regularly. Tsawwassen is a small town; word of mouth is fast and effective here. It is important that our business meets the best needs possible for the town we service.”

Barbara says Tsawwassen Insurance makes a conscious commitment to speak in plain terms and avoid complicated insurance industry jargon.

“Our job is to educate our clients, not confuse them. We strive for the very best service in every way, every day, 24 hours a day.”