Familiar Faces: Elisabeth Wagner of Wagner's European Fabricare

Familiar Faces: Elisabeth Wagner of Wagner's European Fabricare

Dec 23, 2016

If you ask what it's like living and working in Tsawwassen, Elizabeth Wagner is eager to answer.

"I love it. Tsawwassen still sort of has that small town feeling and I can walk to the store if it snows. But it never snows in Tsawwassen," says Elisabeth Wagner, laughing as she looks out the window of Wagner's European Fabricare at the wintry wonderland.

Originally from a town near Wurzburg in Germany where her family ran a drycleaning business, it only made sense to purchase a drycleaning shop in the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall. Instead of putting a sign on the wall saying she speaks German, she put her Master's Degree up and allows the observant Deutsche-speaking visitor to connect the dots.

Two years after arriving in Canada, her son followed from Germany and they started a second business in Tilbury. Elisabeth says being a business owner in Tsawwassen for nearly twenty-two years has been a deeply rewarding experience, making lifelong friends along the way, and joining the Rotary Club.

"I like what I'm doing and I'm trying to give the best service to my customers and having lots of really loyal customers. It makes me feel good that they come here year after year and are happy with the service we provide."