Familiar Faces: Grace D'Adamo of Synergy and Beauty Salon

Familiar Faces: Grace D'Adamo of Synergy and Beauty Salon

Oct 18, 2017

Grace D'Amato, third from left, is the owner of Synergy Hair and Beauty Salon in Tsawwassen

If you want to know about any business in Sunny Tsawwassen, you can ask Grace D'Adamo of Synergy Hair and Beauty Salon. As a resident and hair stylist in Tsawwassen for 30 years she takes pride in knowing her neighbours.

"I love Tsawwassen because of its community and having a business here makes it that much more special," says Grace, whose business is located on 56 th Street just south of 16th Avenue.

Originally born into a large Italian-Canadian family in Toronto, her father moved the proverbial wagons west when she was just eight years old and settled in Richmond to open a pizza crust company. She has been styling hair in Tsawwassen ever since the family moved again in 1987.

It was nine years ago when Grace decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship and open her own business. Like most business ventures, it was a leap of faith, but one that Grace says made sense based on the timing.

"I was a single mom and I had no security renting a chair [in a salon]. Because if I'm sick or I'm away I'm not making money. Now if I'm sick I can still run the salon or if I'm on holidays I still have money coming in."

Today, her business is running smoothly with the cooperation and teamwork of her staff – a synergy she likens to her salon's namesake.

Synergy specializes in hair colouring, with an extensive array of different types of hair colours not carried anywhere else in Tsawwassen. These include newer techniques like Balayage highlights, Ombre, and hair painting by Goldwell Elumen.

"You know when you see those bright greens and blues and pinks? That's usually from the Elumen line of colouring."

As for her thoughts on running a hair and beauty business in a town known for having no shortage of competition, Grace is just happy to see her adopted hometown of Sunny Tsawwassen thriving and prospering.

"It's such a close-knit community and the businesses work together with each other instead of being in competition. We get together more and support each other in any ways that we can. I take pride in that!"