Familiar Faces: Kevin Ridley of The Run Inn

Familiar Faces: Kevin Ridley of The Run Inn

Feb 9, 2017

There are many stores that sell running shoes, but what most people are shopping for when they go into The Run Inn is expertise.

Kevin Ridley, owner the Tsawwassen shop conveniently located near 56 th Street and 12th Avenue, has been running for 40 years and selling shoes for 25.

"We have also worked hard to create a fun experience for our customers when they come into the store," says Kevin, who opened The Run Inn here 15 years ago. "Our goal is to have our customers for life not to just sell them one pair of shoes."

That philosophy is the driving force behind the way he runs his business, developing not just a loyal clientele of repeat customers, but a community of local runners in South Delta.

"Our business philosophy is to help all of our customers create a better lifestyle through fitness. We can help them achieve this from having the best customer service we can offer through great product knowledge and over 25 years of experience in the business."

The Run Inn works with local physiotherapists, podiatrists, fitness trainers and gyms to help customers get the most out of their fitness goals.

The Run Inn hosts community-sponsored events like The Jog for a Jug, and the Boundary Bay Cross Country Meet which involves twelve local schools and 1,100 kids, proceeds going toward the Hannah's Heroes Foundation.

Perhaps the most popular part of The Run Inn is their weekly training clinics, which assists runners of all skill levels on the proper way to train. Their next event is Tuesday, February 14 for a special Valentine's Day Fun Run.

The best part? All money raised will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation.