Familiar Faces: Terry Koroluk of the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall

Familiar Faces: Terry Koroluk of the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall

Aug 27, 2018

Your mother may have told you not to sweat the small stuff, but when it comes to your community it is the little things that matter. Things like clean sidewalks to walk on, a fresh coat of paint on buildings in need and keeping the beautiful hanging flowers looking healthy.

Those are just a few examples of the behind-the-scenes chores that Terry Koroluk does every day to keep the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall looking great. The lifelong South Delta resident is a member of the maintenance staff for Barbican Property Management, a division of Century Group.

Terry does all the things you might expect of a maintenance worker, from sweeping the sidewalks and parking lots to keeping tile floors and washrooms clean. But he does so much more you might not see.

He picks up litter, handles waste management and recycling, cleans up spills, waters and rakes and sweeps up the gardens, landscapes, watches for and repairs tripping and slipping hazards, all the while maintaining the everyday upkeep of the mall, such as the heating, ventilation and air conditioning, sound systems, irrigation, lighting, and much more.

It's not just important that everything works; it should look appealing as well. To that end, Terry and his fellow coworkers touch up paint on the buildings and deadhead the flowers that are past bloom.

When it comes to gardening, the policy is about staying as environmentally friendly as possible, using vinegar and salt to fight weeds rather than resorting to pesticides.

The staff also handle all the set up of props, tables and tents at special events held at the mall every year, such as Seniors Day, Halloween, Christmas and others.

"These guys are in the 'what you don't see' business of making sure everything looks and runs smoothly so that our guests and tenants can have the most enjoyable shopping experience," says Shannon Taylor, promotions manager at the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall. "Be sure to hi to them the next time you are here."

With 17 years experience working for Century Group, Terry has a lot of experience and wisdom to hand down to others. Which is why he recently took time from his busy schedule to speak with members of the Sunny Tsawwassen LEAPers, to explain how he uses his skills in performing his duties.

The Licensing, Education, Advocacy and Practice (LEAP) program of the Delta Community Living Society helps people with diversabilities find employment in their local community. The youngsters work with Sunny Tsawwassen to provide beautification and maintenance services for local businesses, something Terry knows a great deal about!

Terry shared why he loves his job; the variety, the sense of accomplishment in completing different tasks, and working in the community he calls home. It was a great message to share with LEAPers eager to get valuable work experience.

"Our purpose with this program isn't simply to complete a task of cleaning and beautification," explains Lydia Elder, executive director of the Tsawwassen BIA. "It's an opportunity to get real-world work experience for the LEAPers. They get to try different types of work and build up their resumes, all the while making a positive and valued contribution to our community! Mentoring by experienced folks like Terry is a wonderful way to do that."