Tsawwassen Springs: A community inside a community

Tsawwassen Springs: A community inside a community

Sep 28, 2017

Linda Mallard (right), works with a client at the Tsawwassen Wellness Centre in Tsawwassen Springs

Most people who live or work in Sunny Tsawwassen know about the fantastic public golf course at Tsawwassen Springs just off 52 nd Street. But to call Tsawwassen Springs merely a golf course would be like saying a computer is merely a box.

Tsawwassen Springs offers a world class restaurant, coffee roastery and bakery, specialty meats and delicatessen, physiotherapy clinic, golf pro shop, twenty-four hour fitness facility and wellness centre, bundled in one neat package.

You don't need to be a golfer to appreciate the brand new, state-of-the-art equipment available at Tsawwassen Springs Fitness, which has been in business for a year. Anybody curious about the facility can simply show up and will receive a complimentary workout to get a sense of what's on offer and whether it's a good fit for their training needs.

There are three full-time and two part-time personal trainers who are passionate about fitness and care deeply about their clients.

"Our main goals in this building are health and wellness," says gym manager Mike Green. "We want our members to come in and feel at home. We want a zero intimidation factor in the gym. And our trainers are always on staff to help our clients meet their goals."

"After that, if they're willing to join our facility we make sure they're comfortable. We do an hour of personal training with them. We build a custom workout program for them and we monitor them for the first couple of weeks until they are comfortable in the facility."

Although the equipment can look large and intimidating to people unfamiliar with traditional gyms, the brand new machines are user friendly and safe for all ages. Mike says staff are almost always on hand—I say almost because this facility does run around the clock so you can work out at any time of the day or night—to help people understand how things work. Members can come in and feel confident they can get a good workout without putting too much strain on their bodies.

Tsawwassen Springs Fitness trainers Mike Green and Isabelle Walker

As somebody who knows a thing or two about putting too much strain on the body, next-door neighbour Linda Mallard is the owner of the Tsawwassen Wellness Centre, a studio dedicated to "mindful movement" with core services in Pilates, Yoga and CoreAlign.

"Who we serve in our community are men and women athletes who are interested in total well-being," explains Linda. "We restore the way our bodies were built to move and meant to move. The result of that is that we become free of pain and we get stronger."

Linda says her facility guarantees a positive body experience. Her clients tend to be those people who are in the "gap" between physiotherapy—which is also available at Sungod Physiotherapy next to Pat Quinn's Restaurant inside Tsawwassen Springs—and returning to their favourite sport or activity in the traditional gym.

Every new client starts with an assessment, or as Linda puts it, "if you're not assessing, you're guessing." She finds out where the person is in terms of health, what their long-term goals are, and where they want to be in several years.

All programs are instructional so clients are never left on their own and there is a maximum of five people in group classes. Linda says there are seven instructors at the studio, all certified through a comprehensive two-year Pilates teacher training program. Some have additional certifications in Yoga and CoreAlign with a focus on injury prevention and body strengthening.

"People don't get injured here. The movement feels good every time you're here and you actually look forward to coming back, which is critical in the world of rehab."

Long-time residents of Tsawwassen might know Linda from before her move to Tsawwassen Springs in November, 2015. She has been running her business here for 17 years. But she was excited about the concept of Tsawwassen Springs as early as 2008 when developer Ron Toigo talked about the multi-purpose facility at a business meeting she was attending.

Mike calls Tsawwassen Springs a "community inside a community" where the residents that live there are already fully aware of the fantastic amenities on site.

"There's a great golf course, there's a great restaurant in Pat Quinn's with phenomenal food there, you have Sungod Physio. We also have the Wellness Centre next door for people that aren't into the traditional gym. They have Pilates and Yoga. And then you've got Newman's Fine Foods, which as far as a butcher shop goes, they're fantastic. And if you don't want to be on the Starbuck's bandwagon anymore, Wood's Coffee, try it and see if you like it. So I think when this secret gets out people are going to be amazed."