Video: Why Sunny Tsawwassen?

Video: Why Sunny Tsawwassen?

Jul 18, 2017

There are many great reasons to live or work in Sunny Tsawwassen and everybody has their own unique story to tell about how and why they ended up here. But what makes Tsawwassen such a unique community is the fact a great number of our local business owners are also residents here, sharing in the same lives and environment as the customers they serve.

The above video shows a series of interviews with several of Tsawwassen's most well-known business owners, who explain why they treasure this land nestled between two beaches and how shopping local helps strengthen the community to make it a better place to live.

"The value of living in Tsawwassen and having our business based in Tsawwassen is that we understand our clients," says Wesley Wollin, owner of Dandyk + Wollin Architects. "They are our neighbours. We shop together, we engage in the same businesses, we meet each other on the sports fields. So in many ways we know this region. By living here it enables us to really understand our clients a lot better."

Some residents and business owners only discovered Tsawwassen in the past few months or years. For Sarah Gallop of Sarah Gallop Design Inc., this community represents five generations of her family history. It's not just a small town where she runs her business. It is her home.

"I love Tsawwassen because every single time I go anywhere I always run into somebody that I know," says Sarah. "And that might be from all different aspects. It might be through our business, it might be through volunteering, it might be through school and growing up and family. It is home and it's such a tight-knit community and everybody knows everybody somehow.

For more insight into the thoughts and feelings of the businesses in Tsawwassen, watch the above video. And be sure to share it with your friends and family! We want to share our local treasures far and wide.