We're lighting up Sunny Tsawwassen for Christmas

We're lighting up Sunny Tsawwassen for Christmas

Nov 19, 2016

Few things put people into the Christmas spirit as the neighbourhood coming alive with twinkling and cheery lights in LED reds, blues and greens.

In Tsawwassen, you can pretty much set your watch to the timing of the Christmas lights going up, as the Tsawwassen Business Improvement Association (TBIA) begins the process of festooning the town beginning on Thanksgiving.

For the past 21 years, TBIA vice president Randy Scott and a few helpers have been spearheading the tireless tradition, dutifully stringing lights on the trees every Sunday night. Scott estimates he's hung between 600 and 700 strings of lights, with each string containing roughly 70 bulbs.

Do the math: That's upwards of 49,000 lights!

"You can call me 'Griswold' from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," says Scott, chuckling. "I love the lights. At the back of my house, I have 100 strings of lights in my backyard."

The TBIA strings up trees and businesses, which you may notice as you pass by the Home Hardware, White Spot, or of course, Randy's Tire.

As chair of the community enhancements committee for the TBIA, Scott says this annual tradition is just another way to bring a smile to the lips of those who visit Tsawwassen.

But while it's nice to get a friendly wave from drivers, Scott is asking those behind the wheel to be careful around pedestrians, particularly those hanging up those cheery Christmas lights!

"We appreciate that when we're out hanging the lights that the people who notice us steer their car away from us because it does get a little scary."

The TBIA hangs the lights along 56th Street from Highway 17 all the way down to Winskill Park, and all across the commercial section of 12th Avenue. You can see them turn on in all their glory on Nov. 21 and the lights will stay on until the first week of January.