Familiar Faces: James Latheron of Southside Flooring

Familiar Faces: James Latheron of Southside Flooring

Apr 23, 2018

For as long as most people can remember there's been a Southside Flooring in Sunny Tsawwassen. Originally started by Hugo Dalke in the 1960s, he handed the business down to his son Bruce, who later sold it to current owner James Latheron.

James started in the tile trade 27 years ago and like many of his contractors he works with now, he learned much from the Dalkes. Some of his installers also began with the Dalke family and have been working locally in South Delta for over 40 years.

"There's nobody else out there who can say they have a few hundred years of experience among their main tradesmen," says James. "People love the idea of having faces they know and tradesmen they can talk to and trust."

James took over Southside Flooring 12 years ago, providing the public with a "complete floor store", including tile, carpet, vinyl, laminate and hardwood. He also provides custom shower design, unique wall panelling, creative wall systems, kitchen and bathroom countertops and much more.

If you drop by Southside Flooring, located on the west side of 56 th Street just south of 12th Avenue, you'll see just how many options you have for floor and wall renovation. Of course, sometimes choice can be too much of a good thing. That's where James comes in.

"What I find with customers is that a lot of the time they know what they need but there's just so many choices out there that it confuses them. When you're able to sit down with them and have a look at what they've been thinking you can walk them through the process."

Some clients renovating their home will hire a designer so it's a matter of buying the tile or carpet suggested. But if you don't have a designer, not only does James and his staff have those aforementioned decades of experience, he has an in-house designer for all your needs.

This personal touch, along with James being a homegrown local boy, has kept him and his staff busy and in business.

"People love to shop locally. If you provide a good service and a good deal then people will come back to you. The community has supported me in that way and it's been a really good thing."

Originally born in Alberta, James and his family moved to Tsawwassen in 1986 while his parents were looking for a home in Vancouver. It didn't take long before the charm of this beachside town rubbed of on James.

"So we told our parents we weren't going to move to Vancouver, we wanted to stay here. I've loved it ever since."

After spending decades working in Tsawwassen, James says his passion now is in giving back to the community that raised and nurtured him. A board member of the Tsawwassen Business Improvement Association ( #SunnyTsawwassen) and a member of the Rotary Club of Tsawwassen, James loves coming up with event or project ideas that will better the community he loves. Whether it be the summer movie nights at Diefenbaker Park or dressing up as the Easter Bunny for the kids, James is just happy to participate.

"I've been seeing people coming to these events from out of town. People are finding out about how great this place is to live and work and play."